A New Life


This past year, I had a live-changing experience that forced me to rethink everything I had planned.  I had to question if I was even ready or willing to complete my doctoral journey.  This introspection led me to a renewed passion for my studies, and more importantly, a complete change of focus for my dissertation.  The study I have decided to do will force me to be self-critical and introspective, as an autoethnography should be.  I must admit I am a little afraid of doing an autoethnography as my dissertation, but my committee and my cohort have been very supportive of my decision.

In addition to scholarly changes, I also found myself ousted from my old high school due to unit cuts and accepting a new position at Dunedin High School in Dunedin, FL.  I must say that I came into this situation with a positive attitude and it has paid off.  So far, the change has been extremely healthy for me and has revived my joy for teaching.


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